EU Group C @ Daytona - Wednesday 11 Dec 2019


Mar 26, 2016
Yipeee, internet did not crash:)
Hoped the front runners would be crippled by worn tyres and empty fuel tanks, alas not the case, Craig was just a miscalculation, took me three laps to eat into his lead,
3 or 4 tenths gained, bugger me next lap took all back plus a few tenths in just one lap.
As for John he was long gone, my little “ol” eyes after 30 minutes scanned the pits for a parked LT or C9 refuelling, no such luck.:(
Thankyou @Craig Dunkley for the event, sooooo under subscribed, it is a real shame. Had to put some effort into these cars, not just turn up and drive, repaid me by being in my opinion some of the best cars in AC.
As Craig said they are not easy, that’s the real charm, difficult but predictable.:thumbsup:


Jan 5, 2019
My start went from good to bad, losing 2 positions by the first corner. Also, somehow, in lap 3 or 4 I realised that my boost was at 70% instead of the usual 80 :confused: made mistakes, then I was catching @Denis Betty. He then pitted. I tried to catch @Kek700, but he is one of the most consistent guys out there. he is doing like +0.010s or something. Every time I was gaining 0.5s - 1s, I was having a not so good lap and he was already going ahead.
And @Craig Dunkley was not the only one who didn't had fuel. I was doing 75% throttle in the last lap and I still ended up my fuel in the middle of the start straight. Good for me that I had enough speed to finish and enough distance from the guy behind :))

P.S. @Denis Betty Sorry for passing on the outside. I thought there will be a gap on the inside because you went to the middle of the track and I took that line. When you tried to cover I steered in the last moment. There were like 1-2m between our cars. This pass remembered me on the pass Verstappen did on LeClerc at Silverstone.


Mar 18, 2018
Thanks for tonight @Craig Dunkley :thumbsup: , congrats to @Kek700 and @Raresch for the podiums too.... and to all that finished.

Keeping these cars on track reminds of the old joke which has the punchline; "one slip of the tongue and you're in the sh1t".:laugh: Google it:p

As Craig said, would be magic to see you all on Monday, YIKES:ninja: we're nearly into 2 weeks without our race-night-fix, so....
@JoelK - LT
@Raresch - TBD
@Tberg - C9
@JussiS - 787B

Be there and have some simple fun!