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Griffiths takes Formula E Teams chair role

Discussion in 'Motorsports' started by Bethonie Waring, Feb 4, 2017.

  1. Bethonie Waring

    Bethonie Waring

    Griffiths FET.jpg
    Roger Griffiths has taken over the role of chairman of the Formula E Teams Association after Mahindra’s Dilbagh Gill stood down.

    Griffiths, who has been team principal of Andretti’s Formula E team since the series began, will be the third chair of the association, after Gill in season two and Virgin’s Alex Tai in season one.

    Griffiths will work alongside the Association’s Secretariat, Jim Wright, the former Venturi commercial head who moved to Mahindra at the start of January. Wright’s move prompted Gill’s decision to step down from his role at the FETA.

    He had intended to stay on for a second year but stood down, despite the FETA voting for him to stay, to avoid any accusations of conflict of interest.

    “When we started the association, we said that we would have a rotation of which team principal would lead it,” Gill told motorsport.com.​

    “It looked like I was going to do an extra year along with Jim, which is what we started to do. But now I think it is a good time to step down because Jim has joined Mahindra and we don’t want any perceived conflict with two of us working on it so closely.”

    Gill believes Griffiths is the right man for the role going into the second part of the third season.

    “It makes sense for Roger to do it because not only does he do a good job, but he also works on the Technical and Sporting Working Groups,” he said. “One person looking after the teams’ interests, especially this year as it is crucial in many ways, technically and commercially, is the best policy.”

    The FETA was formed at the start of season one, to provide the teams with a voice when dealing with Formula E holdings or the FIA. Its goals are “to ensure the championship remains competitive and compelling entertainment whilst maintaining cost control and the commercial sustainability of the series.” All ten teams are represented in the group, which meets every race.

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