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GRID Autosport GRID Autosport Roofcam Mod V1.0

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28Ace82 submitted a new resource:

GRID Autosport Roofcam Mod - Roofcam for all 83 original Autosport cars

I took the camera co-ordinates for the gp_roof replay cameras for all the cars in the game and created a tv_pod camera for each one. The open wheel cars already had a tv_pod camera, so I simply created one in the same format for every car. I adjusted the open wheel cars so their view point is better, in my opinion. After some testing, the Mazda 787B showed poor framerate, so I made some adjustments to this camera and have simply raised the cockpit camera for this vehicle only.

Simply unzip the...

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28Ace82 updated GRID Autosport Roofcam Mod with a new update entry:

GRID Autosport Force Feedback Improvement

I made some changes to the force feedback effects file, since there seemed to be an error in the code, creating a somewhat gravelly feeling in the tarmac texture.

Try my revised effects file and see what you think!

I use the following vibration settings in game:

Vibration Strength: 50%
Wheel Strength: 100%
Wheel Weight: 50%

Hopefully this can make your Autosport experience even more fun!

Kind regards,


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