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F1 2019 Grid Autosport, graphically it makes 2019 look dated

F1 2019 The Game (Codemasters)
I loaded up Grid Autosport tonight and it has made me really depressed. How can a six year old game graphically look so much better than 2019. It was beautiful , sharp graphics, lovely colours, great lighting, spectacular skies. 2019 is a dull blurry mess in comparison.

It’s just really frustrating to see what could be possible.

Are there any settings that I can adjust to make 2019 look sharper?


All the last F1 games work fine with reshade so I'd say download it, install it onto the F1 2019 exe and select all the sharpening shaders for downloading.
Maybe clarity and tone mapping too.
I personally always use the good old luma sharpen. Just looks the best imo while inducing the lowest amount of aliasing.

With clarity and tone mapping you can "defog" the image. F1 2019 is pretty "foggy" from what I've seen so that might work a little wonder too :)

You could also download one of the "F1 2017/18 ultra realistic super duper phenomenal hyper real" reshade presets and just throw the folder next to the F1 2019 exe.
Or maybe there's already such a download for F1 2019 available too :p

Oh, one problem though: doesn't work for VR afaik!