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Graphics help with CSP / SOL

Hey everyone,

I’m looking for some help on how to make my Assetto Corsa look like I’ve seen on YouTube etc as it’s currently lacking the quality and I can’t see where to change it. For example when I load a race the detail in the circuit and other cars looks quite poor and no better than when I played it on PS4.

I’m brand new to PC gaming so may be making some mistakes but wondered if you could help me with some settings / where to change them.

The game is currently running at over 100fps according to CM with a 1660 Super so I’m sure there’s more that I can do to make it look nice!

You will need to play around with all of the different graphical settings to get a better look to the game. If you are new to PC gaming than i'm sure a lot of the options may not mean anything to you so there will be some trial and error on your part. I have included a couple of the presets I use because we have very similar graphics cards (yous is slightly better than mine) so these might be a good starting point for you.


The preset files need to be placed in the appropriate CM folders. Typically they would be located in your 'C:\Users\'yourusername'\AppData\Local\AcTools Content Manager\Presets' folder. Once you unzip these to the correct location, you can choose them in CM by going to Settings - Custom Shaders Patch and Settings - Assetto Corsa and they should be available in the dropdown box at the bottom. You may need to adjust the screen resolution to match whatever screen resolution you use on your monitor.

Hope this gets you started...
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I've installed your presets (thanks for them!) but to be honest it look similar, and definitely nowhere close to what I've seen online.

Any ideas where to start to make it look better or what I might be missing? I (probably mistakenly) thought that by installing CSP and SOL and adjusting everything to high it would look great, but it still just looks like the basic game.
To be honest, there is no way it will look like the basic game if you installed Sol and CSP correctly unless you never enabled them in Content Manager. Both of them drastically change the look of the game. If you tried my presets and chose them correctly in Content Manager and you see no difference, then I don't know what to tell you to do now because I definitely see a difference when using them.
Maybe provide some screenshots where you think it could look better. I had the same problem a while back but it turned out to be well, not a problem. I was expecting more than I should have. In the youtube videos, are you watching in full screen? 1440 looks a lot better on a small player vs full screen. Then you need to consider all the filters available, some of which are specifically designed to be used in replays to make the game look better.

There is hope tho. As said previously, youre new to PC so you have a TON of trial and error regarding video settings. You just need to find what works for your machine and what doesnt.

It should however, look much better than PS4 so there most likely is improvement to be made thru settings adjustments.

Cote Dazur

SIM Addict
I’m brand new to PC gaming so may be making some mistakes
Yes, you most probably are. The first mistake coming from console is probably thinking it is easy and the second is most probably being impatient.
Take your time, as mention above, check that you have everything installed correctly, when you do, choose a PP filter, with Kunos content, make one change at the time.
AC, with all the topping's can look gorgeous and as good if not better than anything out there.
Take your time, enjoy the journey, your efforts will be rewarded.
Thanks very much for all of your replies.
As expected it was me making some mistakes, I think I was perhaps expecting too much based on the videos I’ve seen (viewed on my phone so probably looking extra good), and also expecting that some mods would look better than they actually do.

I retried some more basic content with the presets provided and I’m really happy with how it looks. Thanks all!
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