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    Philipp Puschke

    Used and unused chances at Spa.

    In the World Championship Morgan Morand showed how to drive around the circuit de Spa-Francorchamps. After achieving his fifth pole position this season Morgan Morand drove a mistake-free race and took his fourth victory in his FSR career. From the start on he did what he needed: controling the pace and managing the gap to his competitors making sure he wouldnt spin or crash at all.

    Morgan Morand commented:

    "Q1 : 1.45.9, not my fastest lap, but very quick to be in P1.
    Q2 : 1.46.2, i made some mistakes, but this is pole :)

    Race : I did a Kers start... like valencia.. 2 times in a row i have a very good launch. At braking, i was a bit scary about bono braking, who avoided me at the last second :)
    After i push hard in lap 1 to not have driver in my slipstream. it worked. I pushed a lot during the 2 first stint, and be very cool in the 2 last stints. gap was enough.
    Quite a lonely race. but i pushed at maximum compared to valencia.

    Thanks to GhostSpeed. and congratulations to podium and my teammates ville and philipp who finished in points. shame for markus and jim who had a bad luck...
    see you at monza :)"

    Jim Parisis unfortunaly had a very tough race weekend with a dissapointing Qualifying and as a result of that a very dissapointing race. It just wasnt meant to be on that sunday it seems. After some collisions on the first lap his race was already handicaped which didnt help his race at all.

    Jim Parisis commented:

    "Q: A bad session for me. I didn't got the lap needed.
    R: Lost many places in the first lap, i had some collisions with other cars and then I totally lost my interest to race.
    Nothing to say about my race, I stopped the car in pits."

    Ville Leppälä and Philipp Puschke were driving for Ash Racing this weekend.

    Ville Leppälä showed that a bad Qualifying doesnt have to be the end of the race weekend as he fantasticaly turned around things and drove a mistake-free race and achieved a stunning sixth place. From 18th to 6th - says all about the perfomance of Ville on that raceday.

    Ville Leppälä commented:

    "Q1: Was pretty awful as p18 clearly shows. Just couldn't get a clean lap. Didn't expect the race to start anymore after the problems
    and i guess that had something to do with it but in the end I'm the one driving so my own fault.

    R: Plan was to survive lap 1 and see how it goes. Lap one was like planned avoiding troubles and getting some positions in the progress.
    Then i got stuck behind Vecchioni and couldn't get past due to him having lower wings then me. I also had Petar right behind me so i couldn't afford to do any mistakes.

    At some point i then got past him and left Petar to battle with him. On 3rd stint lost a place to Patrick who had a lot less wing then me
    so i had nothing i could have done against him. Last stint i somehow passed Patrick on the pits after his troubles and was 1.5sec ahead of him.

    I had to keep pushing like hell to keep him behind but luckily i was able to do that and p6 was the reward for it.
    Really happy about the result, didn't even dream of p6. Awesome race!"

    Philipp Puschke did achieve a fantastic 4th place in Qualifying but it wasnt meant to be his raceday as the race would show. After some promising first couple of laps he spun twice and lost too much time to get anywhere near his possible position today. Anyway damage limitation was done and he did finish 8th. Still good points.

    Philipp Puschke commented:

    "Qualifying went pretty well - P4.

    My start was pretty good aswell as I was able to stay in 4th. Down to the last chicane of lap1 I tried to have a go on jeffrey but he covered well.
    Everything looked very good as I was able to follow jeffrey and bono pretty well in the first laps but then my failtime had to come and I spun (lap7 I think). I lost very much time but luckily
    I was able to keep the engine alive and was able to continue. After falling behind tali I soon repassed him.

    But it all should become undone as I spun at the last corner at around laps 20 and after I was very near to lose to engine and ending my race I decided to take it more easy from now on
    as I had damage anyway I knew that I couldnt improve my position without taking further risks. After my spin vecchioni did a very risky move into t1 and we made contact giving the position to de wit.
    Then at my last pitstop I lost crucial time once again while waiting for my teamate to get going as we oviously had the same pit box.

    I lost my position do vecchioni but was able to repass him and after some battle with him he crashed out and my 8th place was sure anyway so I cruised to the finishline.
    A pretty dissapointing race as I lost to much time with my 2 spins and there was much much more in it to achieve as it looked promising after a couple of laps in the race.
    But anyway damage limitation was done.

    Congrats to Morgan for this epic win in his french cockpit and congrats to my teammate ville for achieving a superb 6th place. "

    World Series

    Philipp Puschke nearly took his 2nd win of the season after P2 in Qualifying but as things took their way he crashed in pitlane at his last stop after leading almost the whole race. In the end of the day he still achieved another good podium in second place.

    Markus Hoffmann had a pretty bad raceday sadly as he did well in Qualifying but in the race he was involved in some midfield come-togethers and he eventualy DNF. But he showed some impressive speed and the team trusts him and believes that he will get the results he deserves.

    World Trophy

    Mark Aalberts finally took his first win this season. Deserved is the word which describes it best. After a good Qualifying he drove a fantastic race and finally got his win.

    After a suprise in Qualifying of Juhani Ahlman in P2 he didnt fail to get good points as he finished in a solid 4th.

    Joona Leppaenen again proved his strong form and drove a very good and solid race getting good points with 8th.

    Team Owner Pedro Rodrigues commented:

    "We had a really strong round at Spa where we were close to win all races. Two wins and a 2nd place are very good.

    In the World Championship, Morgan did a perfect race and won it with Ville and Philipp also scoring strong points.

    This wasn't the race for Jim but I'm sure he will comeback strong and Markus had bad luck after such promising qualify and race pace.

    In World Series, Philipp missed the win with an incident in the pits but still finished in a very good 2nd.
    Markus race didnt went as planned though but he will get there.

    In World Trophy, Mark won in great fashion and Juhani achieved 4th completing a very strong team result that put us closer to our goal.
    Joona Leppaenen also had a great race climbing positions to finish 8th.

    Congratulations to all our drivers! I'm really happy on how they are working in the team."

    Team Manager Markus Hoffmann commented:

    "Overall the weekend was again a big sucess!
    Philipp Puschke had a high chance to win the race in World Series but he lost his front wing in box.
    Things like that happens but we are still very proud of his result to finished 2nd.
    We think that Philipp is at the moment one of the fastest drivers in the World Series and he will win for sure in the next following races.

    Morgan dominated clearly once again in the World Championship.
    The win in the World Championship (Spa) was the price.

    I am sorry for Jim, because he had some accidents in race and struggled a bit, but after he confirmed with the GhostSpeed Racing Team for 2013 he will become stronger again and will prove that in the next following races and wil be competitive enough to fight for the podiums.
    He is very motivated now!

    The World Trophy race was the best result this weekend.
    Three car’s in the top 10 is a amazing result for us, especially that Mark Aalberts won this race.
    Juhani finished in 4th which is a great result as well, but I think 2nd or 3rd was a realistic finish for himself.
    Joona made a great drive through the field and finished 8th, I think that was the maximum and a great performance!
    About myself, I wasn’t satisfied with my result’s in the World Series and World Championship.
    The lap times were okey, but in race I struggled and had in both divisions 2 accidents.

    We are looking forward to win the World Trophy constructors title."

    Written by Philipp Puschke

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