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Getting to Spa Francorchamps - Best Travel Options from the UK?


Firstly I need to apologise as I'm a running bore! lol :)

Being a petrolhead and motorsport fan I've taken part in a few circuit running events in the UK. So far I've done the Silverstone Half Marathon in 2017 (the last one as it happens), Oulton Park 10k, Goodwood 10k, and yesterday I did the Thruxton 10k.

I keep looking at the Spa running event which takes place in March every year and as it's a circuit I've never been to I'm just after some guidance on what's the best travel options for me.


I live on Guernsey but I guess my best option is probably travel to London, and take the Eurostar as far as I can go, and then maybe bus my way into town? I want to try and avoid hiring a car if I can (extra expense). I seem to remember it was possible to get around using public transport to some extent.

Any help or guidance would be great, on the plus side I would imagine accommodation should be cheap(er) and easy to find.