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Getting Penalty on Practice mode?

I have failed to find any threads on this topic and will do my best to explain.

I have set up my own server using AC Server Manager which my friends can join and everything works fine.

We play on the Akina Downhill map using many different cars, and the mode is set to practice for 16 hours+

The Problem is that when we want to return to pits (top of the track) to restart a run because one of us crashed, or we want to change setup, we get a penalty for 30 seconds... In practice mode...

I have not seen any specific settings in the Server Manager to turn this off, and what's even more annoying is that if we wait out the 30 seconds, and try to go back to pits again, it kicks us from the server...

Super annoying as we have to rejoin every 2 times we run the track :(

If anyone knows what is even going on please comment below, I would be very grateful.