Getting into Race Room

Hello guys,

Im writting this here because I wan't to start driving more and more on R3E, My go to sims mainly are rF2 and AC with a pinch of AMS when i feel like it. Used to race in Iracing a while back to.

One of the reasons im thinking of also getting into R3E is because they have a good touring car pack as well and it is a category wich im liking more and more (thanks to the SEAT Leon TCR MOD from AC).

Any tips from seasoned R3E would be more then welcome. :)
Be sure to purchase Raceroom's virtual currency, VRP, from the Raceroom store - it's cheaper than buying the content on Steam. Don't forget that you can test drive every car for free. If you don't want to buy every car and track in one go, think about buying one of the packs. I found the Starter Pack to be excellent value. Remember, if you buy one car in a class, you can race against the rest of the cars in that class both offline and online. :cool: There are two levels of FFB strength: overall (with many tuning options) and car-specific. There is a FFB meter that is very helpful. Good luck and have fun. :)
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