GAME vs REALITY: driver's eyes comparison in Mazda MX-5

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    Krzysztof Lipczynski

    I encourage you to read article and watch video as Damian Lempart compares MX5 NA real life and in Assetto Corsa.

    GAME vs REALITY: driver's eyes comparison in Mazda MX-5

    Mazda MX-5 is a car, which is very easy to handle – in the real life and in the simulator. The vehicle dynamics is very similar, despite the differences between my real car, which is equipped with sport springs, low-profile semi-slicks and less powerful engine.
    I am aware that for most people this element which I did not mention is important, but for me it is only an extra. But no one can deny that it is quit relevant, especially when we compare the prsicion the workmanship of the virtual car, the track and physics with the real ones. Of course I have in mind the lap time. Long time before my arrival at the Track Day, I had assumed that if everything would be OK, I will get the lap time around 2:07 – with my knowledge about this track in real life, my car and its performance, my skills and that, what is modeled in the simulator.
    Below I present my lap times, which I achieved in the real and virtual car.

    Reality: 2:06,866
    Assetto Corsa: 2:05,313

    Download link Tor Poznań
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  2. Olivier Boissel

    Olivier Boissel

    Very nice compare :thumbsup:

    You just forgot to light off in the sim ;)