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G29 Wheel Settings rFactor 2?

I realize this is subjective, but what are the best base settings for my G29 wheel in rFactor 2?

I haven't messed with them and so far it seems pretty good racing the GT3 Class at the great road course's like Sebring etc... A lot of road courses that I subscribed to in the Workshop seem pretty good as well.

I subscribed to the Xfinity stock car mod in the Workshop and love the cars. I also subscribed to many of the Nascar Oval tracks they run on. Las Vegas for example, the wheel feels great. But at many of the other ovals the wheel feels absolutely awful. Darlington and Martiansville are particularly bad. Why is that? Is that a wheel thing or the track/car mod set-up?
I think I found my answer. It's in the default car set-up for the particular track. It's the camber settings on these stock cars. Higher banked tracks vs. flatter tracks. I'll just have to mess with the set-ups there.

I'd still like to know what most are using for a good base G29 in game settings.