G27 optical enconder wheel broken

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    I have a Logitech G27 wheel. This wheel (and any Logitech wheel) is known for it's encoder wheel breaking, I suppose because the links (between the spaces) are too thin to cope with the medium RPM in which it has to spin.

    Well, my encoder wheel broke [¹]. I can't buy a replacement right now and I have a league race to attend. If I buy the replacement made out of brass from Thailand I'd have to pay 240 bucks, and if I 3D print it I'll have to pay from 50 to 100 bucks.

    While the 3D printed one isn't ready, I was thinking of using a wheel from my mouse (Logitec MX310). However, there's a difference: the G27 encoder wheel has 60 slots (spaces), and the one on my mouse has 48. What I'm thinking is that, since the links are almost identical in thickness, the G27 encoder will pickup, say, 5002 spaces from left to right (fictional number) and still be able to determine that the center would be around 2501 spaces apart; while with the 60 slot wheel it would have been e.g. 6202 spaces apart and 3101 spaces for the center. So yes, I'm thinking it will work, because the links are the same thickness.

    However, I'm a complete engineering newb, so I'm here asking for your help before I ruin my mouse wheel. Do you think it will work?


    [¹] Here's an image of the encoder wheel. http://www.mikeschmeee.com/FILES/IMAGES/LG25OED3.jpg