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Funniest thing heard whilst racing ?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Nathan Williams, Jan 6, 2012.

  1. Nathan Williams

    Nathan Williams

    Ok then, think I might have seen something similar posted elsewhere. Anyway whats the funniest thing/quote you've heard from another racer during a race ?

    P.S. Keep it clean ;)
  2. Maxim Lewis

    Maxim Lewis

    It wasn't so much as what I heard as what I saw; I was in an online race at Montreal a while back and trying to keep up with the race leader and the rest of the pack were pretty close behind when the car in 1st place suddenly hit an invisible wall, there was a small pause and then everybody from the league burst out laughing at the same time.
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  3. Chris Hazeldine

    Chris Hazeldine

    I got messages about Schumacher setting fastest laps when he wasn't actually in the race
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  4. Michael Brown

    Michael Brown

    See Schumacher's still got the speed :)

    I was in a lobby with a league ready to start Monza, when somebody said, "Watch out for Liuzzi."
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  5. Nathan Williams

    Nathan Williams

    Hahaha had a good laugh at these guys thanks, especially you though Michael :D !
  6. Paul Lock

    Paul Lock

    The funniest thing ive heard was a proper row break out after a race at Suzuka. One guy was mad after what he said was a deliberate shunt on the final chicane. He still crossed the line first but a penalty for cutting the last chicane meant he came second behind the other guy.

    Now I am english, and I love to hear a good argument between my East European chums in my language, and this one ticked all the boxes.

    As we were a group of regular racers, the other guy tried to shrug it off at first, but then it was all like -

    F*************************************************************************** YOU *********!!!

    so the other guy was like -

    REALLY? OH OK - F************************************************************* YOU ********!!!

    and the the other guy was like -

    NO NO, NOT F********************************** ME, F**********************************************YOU ************!!

    You get the picture? This went on for quiet a while. I just remembered that I recorded it on fraps, and then remembered I had a clear out and its gone :( gutted!

    The funniest thing ive heard in real life racing was the Brazilian GP where the Red Bull team told Vettel he had a gearbox problem which let Webber pass and claim his only victory in the final GP of the season, yet Vettel went on to pretty much match his pace and encountered no visible problem. :D
  7. Anuraj Tapidas

    Anuraj Tapidas

    That's because Vettel is "AWESOME"!!!
  8. The-Sheriff


    Some years back in F1C and in a LAN (face to face) day with 3 Grand Prix´s, we heard in a middle of a race, two teammates shouting REALLY HARD at each other..... " What the **** are you doing going into the pitlane, I AM GOING IN NOW".... the other guy "NO; I am going in NOW, this lap"... the first guy "****.....DAMMNNNNNN...SHIIIT"..... and then we all laughed while driving and afterwards so did they too, but in the moment it was happening, man that was funny, to hear the PANIC when they realised they did not have any plan of their own team pit strategy :D .

    Also at another earlier LAN GP at A1 Ring, I was the one NOT to laugh, but made sure all the others fellow LAN racers did have a great laugh, unfortunately.
    I was in the lead for the win, with a comfortable 12 seconds to nr. 2, and on the very last lap, on the 3 third last corner, I ran out of fuel..... DAMN !!!and had to park the car in the grass, just next nicely to the track. I could NOT understand it, as all my testing I had 3-5 liters left in the tank at the end, when I simulated GP races at home, prior to our usual quaterly LAN meetings. But I must have been driving HARD as I had consumed way more than usual..... every single racer shouted WHY the **** I had parked my car at that very last point as they drove by :cool::confused:;)
  9. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    Some classics above.
    My funniest one recently came from my F1 2011 race engineer Ed (Milliband). 4 laps from home in a 75% race and 30 sec gap to guy in front.
    "come on push, the guy in front is 30 sec ahead you can catch him".
    On team pit strategy mentioned above I was driving as RedBull #2 and Vettel was 2.5 sec off my gearbox in opening stint of Turkey 75%. I figured a way of increasing the gap by altering my pit strategy back to the default strategy and pitting 2.5 sec infront of him.
    Got me a nice 8 sec lead.
    Dr Evil gave me an Alguisari style talking to afterwards.
  10. Oli Peacock

    Oli Peacock
    Sim Racer

    One of the best rants ive heard was between and an Englishman and a Welch guy. This Welch guy took off the Englishman and all the Englishman could say was this 'What is about Welch guys that like to f*ck sheep?' 'Go on! Give it to the sheep!' Everyone was cracking up for about 5 mins
  11. Iain Hamilton

    Iain Hamilton

    Online, sprint mode, guys talking about assists, american guy says: "i wonder if there's anybody out there who doesn't use any assists and is properly good".

    I bit my tongue :)

    Then the real cracker, same guy: "oh no i don't use braking assist, i think it slows you down".

    I could bite my tongue no longer... "No ****"
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