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Full Group B Series (Cars/Tracks)


Jan 30, 2013
Going in like a bull through a china shop here; I hold my hands up as I have 0 thats zero knowledge of whether this has happened, is possible or is even out in some form. But I have a hankering for driving a Group B series in full with the realistic cars & rallies of that time... ideally with all the cars and the game being a challenge, ie the AI being half decent, as im less than that :o

I believe the years available to be 1983-86... so either all of them complete with the drivers and cars etc or at least one.

Im hoping or assuming DIRT is the place to ask, it seems like the busier of the rally games.. however if im wrong, please point me where I can go :)

All help appreciated.

And yes im feeling inspired by watching the Group B documentary this morning :D


Mar 12, 2010
Not sure if Dirt rally is the place to ask.
With the current issues & bugs going on , but its still alpha.
It as a pick of the Classic Group B cars yes
Some are missing.
Rs 200 none evo
Lancia Delta S4
Audi Sport Quattro.
205 T16 Evo
Metro 6r4 .
Lancia 0.37 / coming in a later update not sure what version but I would guess the last Evo version.
Renault 5 Maxi Turbo / also to be added.
Quattro S1.

No idea if they plan on added other cars that never ran
Like the Lancia ECV Delta, Planed Group S
Toyota MR2 Group B never ran
or a few other that were in planing but got canned after Group be was baned in 86.

Real handling you may have to wait on the one Dirt Rally's force feed back is not good.
They say its going to be replaced along with issues with the cars handling & balance.

We are yet to see this happen even though CM say's the force feedback code as been rewritten from the ground up & is now been tested by a rally driver.

CM have added some more Group B Pikes Peak cars & the climb to, but they drive really bad for now.
Most are waiting to see if CM keep their promise & bring the new Force Feed back out between the last update & the forth coming Germany content.

for now the jury is still out on can CM make a sim type game or not for me.


Jan 12, 2008
If I have understood you'd like dirt fills out several boxes and legendary prototypes or abandoned by the new generation of Group A in 1987. Codemasters has in his luggage under the license dirt (Dirt 3) The Manta 400, Renault r5 Maxi Turbo 2! For Group B and joining the Lancia 037 of Colin Rae mc series (03/04/2005). In group A the toyota celica GT4 Colin celica 2005 Group A Dirt and Dirt 3 and the always Mitsubishi evo 7/10 Dirt / Dirt2 / DiRT3 and Colin (03/04/2005). For the 70 cases of the Opel Kadett GT / E DiRT3, the Alfa Romeo GTV in 2005. Colin For the sixties Ford Escort Rs 1600 Colin 04/2005. Be patient for unpublished model and planned conversions or not codemasters of its cars for other series of Colin McRae.


Oct 6, 2010
Some Group B are there, as others have noted. They are really fun to drive. The FFB is a bit lacking and the Pikes Peak cars drive as if they had forgotten to inflate the tires, but if Group B is what you want and you are willing to download the current FFB mod available here (while we all wait for the official one) I'd go ahead and buy the game.
Even in its current state it is miles ahead of anything released in the past 5 years. I have them all and you could not pay me to play them. Dirt Rally is not perfect by any means but it is sure fun and worth the current price.

Let me put it this way, even if they stopped development today, I would not regret purchasing it. I'd be mad, of course, but a lot less mad that I have been with Milestone and their WRC game.

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