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FPS problem

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by CiaKKi, Dec 5, 2017.

  1. CiaKKi


    I have troubles with fps on AC. When playing with Oculus I usualy get a 44FPS cap on almost all races, except if i practice alone, or i race against max 3 or 4 CPU\Sim drivers. Without Oculus verything works fine on an old 1680x1050 monitor.

    First of all my cfg:
    i7 960 @3.2Ghz
    12GB RAM
    Oculus Rift
    Logitech GT Force PRO

    - When I got this FPS cap GPU is working on a 50% load.
    - When i get over this cap playing alone and having 90FPS GPU is working at 80% load as it should.
    - It's not a CPU cap, even on 24 player races not a single core is loaded more than 60%.
    - I tried to brutaly remove everithing: AA, Anisotropic, Pixel density set to 0.3, Post processing, shadows but nothing seems to fix this cap
    - I tried the Half FFB Update Rate setting related to the 99% CPU waring but nothing changed
    . I tried [FF_SKIP_STEPS] VALUE=4 but nothing changed

    Anyone ran into this problem before or has an idea what to do?

    ( I will implement thread with further test and results as i take them)

  2. ScottKellyUK


    I was having very similar issues and even went as far as dropping everything to off or as low as I could with pixel per display set to 1.0 and I was still getting capped at 45 FPS which was very confusing. I then tested with not displaying any of my addons and the FPS shot up immediately to a solid 90 FPS. I gradually increased all settings individually to see when I could no longer maintain 90FPS. I am pretty happy with the current performance, AWS kicks in at the start of races and limits to 45PS but goes off and picks up again to a solid 90FPS after a corner or two. I am now testing which addons seem to be causing the massive drop in frames but I suspect Helicorsa may be one of the culprits.

    My current settings are now:

    PPD in Oculus.ini 1.4

    Frame Limit Off
    Anisotropic Filtering 16x
    Anti-Aliasing Samples 4x
    World Detail Very High
    Shadow Resolution Low

    Smoke Generation Off
    Processing Effects Off

    Mirror Resolution Normal
    High Quality Mirror Reflect Off

    Reflection Quality Low
    Reflection Rendering Freq Static

    Items displayed - Sidekick, tyres, gears (ffbclip on but not displayed)

    PC Spec
    Ryzen 1600 @ 3.9Ghz
    GTX 1070 OC
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2017
  3. RasmusP

    AC Stuff and G27 help Staff

    I only have a single monitor but I got fps drops down in the 40's due to apps!
    I7 2600k @4.4 GHz
    Gtx 1070

    Gpu load around 40%,everything maxed out more or less.

    The problem is, that your CPU in fact is bottlenecking! I read out the single threads with process explorer and there was one thread at 12.5%, which is the single thread limit for an 8 thread CPU!
    This thread can't be split to multicore. Instead Windows is "shuffling" it between the cores which gives a little performance boost but in the end its only one core at 100% for a splitsecond and not 4 cores (8 threads) that are loaded to 40% for example!
    But Taskmanager etc show only the "40%" which is kind of an "average".

    I deactivated vsync and I get around 130 fps with all apps deactivated and alone on track. Activating the apps I use (substanding kills most) I drop down to around 80 fps.
    At a race start substanding and helicorsa go crazy so I had massive drops..

    Now I'm deactivating everything else than substanding, sidekick and helicorsa for the race sessions and it's fine.

    I hope that helps you somehow :)
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  4. cofasix


    I have almost same spec with you (1600X and GTX 1070, both @ stock) but I'm suffering from low fps with Rift. Can you please share your Nvidia Control Panel settings too?
  5. RasmusP

    AC Stuff and G27 help Staff

    I see you have anisotropic filtering at 16.
    For some strange reason this really is a performance hog in AC. Normally it doesn't cost more than 2 fps in any game but in AC it really has an impact! Around 20 % gpu load iirc.
    I have it at 8! :)
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  6. Terry Rock

    Terry Rock

    A very true statement.
    I personally never run mine past 4x in AC and there certainly isn't much of a benefit in the title past 8x.
  7. ScottKellyUK


    Thanks for the advice. I dropped this to 8 and increased PPD to 1.5. Now at a solid 90 even at the start of races.
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  8. ScottKellyUK


    I haven't made any changes to my Nvidia control panel for AC yet.