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FPS issue even in DX7 mode

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by James Scanlan, Aug 5, 2010.

  1. James Scanlan

    James Scanlan

    so as the name says, struggaling to get a consistent 40+ FPS even in DX7 mode with res at 1280 x 1024 16 bit.

    comp specs

    core 2 duo E2180 2.0ghz ( probably the slowest dual core CPU )
    2gb generic ram ( yeah slow timings an what not but still )
    nvidia Gefore GT 220 ( 1.7gb GDDR ram )

    running windows 7 ultimate x86.

    the comp isnt a gaming beast i get that but SHOULD STILL BE ABLE TO RUN RF IN FULL ESCPECIALLY DX7 !!!!!!!!!! to even get a some what decent FPS everything has to be pretty much on low and i mean pretty much everything and it looks horrible and kind of hard to see.

    any idea's guys ??

    all help much appreciated.

    P.S tryed the nvidia fps fix on rfactor central and really didnt do much at all.
  2. Alex Ball

    Alex Ball
    Web Nerd

    You sure you've got everything connected up properly? I wonder if you don't have enough power going to your graphics card or something like that?

    That's not a very high spec PC though, so perhaps that might be the issue. What mods are you playing? I find some are killers FPS-wise.
  3. Ondrej Kapal

    Ondrej Kapal

    it is not high spec but at least minimum for sure (lol for DX7)

    Have you tried it higher DX? I mean, some games are running bad on low settings but high settings are better optimalizated if you have enough power...

    Or arent you running some tray icons on your destkop? For example Ati tray icon, or G25 profile (I found that they are lowing FPS about 30)
  4. James Scanlan

    James Scanlan

    absolutely positive everything is conected properly if this comp can run prototype reasonably well it sholdn't have issues running rf in DX7 mode ive tryed running in 7 8 and 9.
    i know the comp isnt the best specs in the world but come on dx7 and struggaling to consistently hit at least 50 fps. got latest drivers for everything tryed the nvidia fix and that didnt really help much. ive tryed lowering everything i can hit decent fps with everything on absolute low but my god its ugly if i have to i have to but im trying to get it to run well with out having to have everything on absolute low. im going to try reinstalling windows in the next few days see if that helps at all. the main mod i use is a league mod (grand prix online) everything else is pretty much the same struggles to get decent FPS.

    thanks for the ideas so far guy's might see about a new PSU. as the one i have in this comp is a pile of crap lol.
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