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F1 2014 FOV for triple monitor play

F1 2014 The Game (Codemasters)
As mentioned above i would like some advice in camera.xml setup for triplemonitorplay.
The standard FOV is 59. I use three 24" Acer monitors which are controled by a NVIDIA Geforce GTX 970. The graphic card´s software has an implementet multimonitor setup for gaming. I played with it and it works. But in my opinion the FOV was not perfect. A human has around 160 degree FOV(with peripheral vision). Does anyone has experience with triplemonitorplay/setting and could give me some advice?
regards Robin
RFactor2, Assetto Corsa, Project Cars & IRacing have full triple-monitor support (to my knowledge). That is, you can select a bezel adjusted resolution of say 6000 x 1080 and then opt to have the 3 screens rendered separately. This gives you a really nice perspective and it's very easy on the eye even at low FoV in terms of motion sickness. The only downside is that the more you widen the FoV, the more the side mirrors appear to fold back - it's also a bit tougher on the CPU/GPU as it covers a wider angle naturally. It is a matter of preference that you would decide for yourself. Using this method, a vertical FoV of 34 gives you 180 degree side-to-side viewing. An FoV of 26 gives you 140 degrees. You can do the math for the rest.

With the F1 series, Codemasters haven't got around to this separate screen mallarcky (cross fingers for F1 2015), so you are left with one single flat widescreen. With wide FoVs in particular, you'll get a horrible stretching on the side monitors known as "fisheye", you'll also feel sick quite quickly. The dilemma is that wider angles are better for motion sickness in general, but they also give you more fisheye - which itself gives you motion sickness, so its a matter of playing with it to find the happy midpoint. To reduce the fisheye, you need a narrower FoV and the FoV of 59 you stated is vertical, so 59 x 16/9 = 105 degrees side-to-side just on the centre screen, with the other 2 screens barely covering another two-thirds of that in total.

Try max 40 degrees.