Formula SimRacing 2015: Austria Race Preview

James Sadler

GhostSpeed Racing Manager
Jul 30, 2013
FSR rfactor2.jpg

Another weekend of exciting racing begins over at Formula SimRacing as we head to Austria for the 6th round of the FSR 2015 season, on rFactor 2.

An exciting race to ensue at Austria, with hopefully plenty of side by side action around a fast flowing circuit that really puts demand on all the F1 2012 spec tyres. Furthermore Austria is a circuit that can be hard to master on setup; getting the right balance between top speed and downforce is crucial to a quick lap, especially come race day. Looking at the track facts. Austria consists of only 9 turns, with the majority being fast flowing, makes an enjoyable drive. 2 DRS zones, that will offer overtaking opportunities in the uphill corner of turn 1 and the downhill section of turn 3. Also each lap consists of 4.3km. Laps across all divisions differ, Pro (lowest tier) having 60%, Ace (middle tier) having 80% and WC (top tier) having 100% of the full race distance. This equates to 43, 57 and 71 laps. The first broadcast of the weekend kicks off with Ace at 16:30 GMT on Saturday 30th May. Then on Sunday 31st, 2 races will take place. Pro starts at 13:30 GMT with FSR’s top division following on at 16:30.

Looking back at Canada, which was the 5th round of the FSR 2015 season. The first race of the weekend was Ace. It usually offers a lot of great racing that is both exciting for viewers and commentators alike. Unfortunately, Ace, Canada didn’t live up to what FSR has produced in previous rounds. Surprisingly, Daniel Kiss didn’t win the Canadian Grand Prix but it still didn’t mean Twister Racing didn’t win in absolute domination. Instead, Dutch driver Rens Klop showed he has got the pace to challenge Daniel Kiss. Just maybe Klop has got it in him to challenge for the Ace title? Twister racing have won 5 races out of 5 in Ace, is Austria going to be any different? Jeroen had an interview at the end of the race with Klop, so click here to listen to what he had to say. Pro next. FSR’s very own Ace commentator has also won all 5 rounds in Pro. Kweekel only started in 4th place on the grid but managed to keep consistent and composed to win yet another race. Although it shows that on one lap pace, drivers like Sander Kallas and Michelle D Alessandro are right up there. Can they finally break the ice of Jeroen Kweekel and win at Austria? Both drivers are great drivers that no doubt have a fantastic future ahead of them in FSR. Finally to Formula SimRacing’s top division… World Championship. In qualifying, Eventa driver Dian Kostadinov got pole position. Unfortunately his race went upside down and couldn’t convert that stella effort in qualifying to the race. Eventually finishing in 9th place. Although, no surprise really that Twister Racing, won again. Although it wasn’t all plain sailing for Twister, like is has been in previous rounds. GhostSpeed Racing’s Jernej Simoncic gave Twister a run for their money, finishing in 2nd place. But the person at Twister Racing, who took victory, was Croatian driver Peter Brljak. Another victory after winning at Bahrain. A great effort from both drivers; both had big leads over the rest of the competition. Third place was Italian, Eventa driver Francesco Bigazzi, a solid drive, earning Eventa some good points in the constructors championship.

Can anyone stop Twister Racing, Peter Brljak and Jeroen Kweekel winning at Austria? Everyone is getting close, it’s only a matter of time.

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