Formula MIR (Fictional) – Full Skin Pack (ASR-H 2020)

Skins Formula MIR (Fictional) – Full Skin Pack (ASR-H 2020) 1.0

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Matthew327 submitted a new resource:

Formula MIR – Full Skin Pack (ASR-H 2020) - What if Russia created their own Formula 1 championship=?

Following Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Formula 1 president Stefano Domenicali stated that the sport will never return to compete in Russia.

So what if Russia made their own single-seater championship?
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Formula MIR represents some of Russia's biggest companies spread across eight teams, with 26 racing drivers, some even with Formula 1 experience. All teams use the same spec chassis...

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I mean the work you've done is really impressive and cool, but perhaps as a Ukrainian i won't use it (understand me right pls). Just in case you have some free time and don't know what to do, you can make a Ukrainian version of this pack to be it fair. Again Bravo to you and enjoy the day)


Sorry, as long as Russia ( or must I say Putin) is at war and spreads terror, I will not use it. Respect for your efford though. At this moment we just want peace.