Force Feedback or not ?


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Jul 27, 2015
I went a different direction, and I also have driven since the GPL days. I went the TSW route with no Force feedback. It mounts to my desk, and my pedals are setup upside down under my desk with them hanging down like in a normal car. I also built up a small wooden stand to put them on so they don't move at all.
But the small approx. 180 rotation is what drives me crazy. I've had the setup for probably 15 years or more. Its gone from analog to digital USB hookup.
What would be my best upgrade to get to a better more rotation wheel ?
I don't need Force feedback just more rotation and durability.
I know most like the FFB, but I don't myself, so could I just get a FFB wheel and not use the FFB effect ?


Oct 7, 2016
could I just get a FFB wheel and not use the FFB effect ?
Sadly not really. Some wheels have an "always on" spring mode that could be used for this but it won't feel great sadly... Most wheels also aren't "tight" around the center.
The wheel might go back to almost center but then wobble around.

The springs of the 50€ non ffb wheels feel better than the spring settings I've felt yet.

So from me it's a clear: nope!

I'm sorry for you though. I can understand your position but it seems the market just doesn't give a damn about people like you :(


Oct 5, 2009
While I have used wheels with no FFB (long ago), I love having FFB now and would never want to go back to non-ffb systems but, my hat's off to you for sticking to what works best for you. The day I have to go without having my DD-FFB wheel is the day I quite Sim-racing, mark my words. :D

I imagine one could design and build a custom non-ffb steering system (I'm sure some have). Check some forums such as Xsimulator and the like to see if there are any examples there. I recall seeing posts somewhere where people used bungies to provide centering forces.


Jaxx Vane Studio
Aug 3, 2010
you should be able to turn every FF effect off from the various control panels or defeat any FF from the games themselves... for sure it is possible in our games.

The obvious question would be "why on earth would you do that?" but I guess that's not the reason why you opened the thread :p