Flickering issues with RF1 and Automobilista

EDIT: What flickered? The white lines, the fencing, and cars. All from a far distant, but when I get close to it, it stops flickering.

First, there are 5 things that I tried.
1. Messed with the Nvidia control panel: AA, V sync on and off, ect. - no success
2. Updated GPU - didn't work
3. I tested the default tracks - still showed flickering
4. Change in-game settings from high to med, ect. - still flickered
5. Went from fullscreen to windowed - problem solved, BUT input lag is noticeable (and people say that fullscreen is recommended) also, what I notice with windowed mode is that the game seems to be darkened (like more colored) which is interesting because it looked really good

PC specs
- R7 2700x
- RTX 2080
- 144hz 1080p AOC monitor

EDIT: I will post photos if needed

I still see some flickering but not as much as before
You should disable time progression too (look in the options) and in-game AA, also set fps limits to 120/144 (based on your screen) and disable vsync.
About colours try disabling sweet FX from config tool (the one you run when launching the game).
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