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Final WT Highlights - Round 15, Brazil

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Ron Squire, Nov 28, 2013.

  1. Ron Squire

    Ron Squire

    Here is the last of the 2013 WT Highlights from Brazil

    Congrats to Ben Tusting who did a Keke Rosberg and won his first championship with only one win and of course thanks to all of you who have left good comments or 'Likes' throughout the season. Those of you who have done so on 1 or more occasions are listed at the end of the video :cool:

    As most of you may know, This is my last year as a Racer and as WT Highlights Producer
    and it was a great honour to be doing these and i definitely given the World Trophy a voice where there wasn't any, but i wish to carry on with this when i have more dedication and the right software to do it, but in the meantime I have to decline for next time, so thank you anyway.

    I haven't got many people to thank but those who have really supported me are the following:

    Pedro Rodrigues for his outstanding support in me for making these videos which i really approve.
    Johannes Kunkel for putting up with my skin updates at the end of the 2013 season and i really thank him for that, so from me good luck on your final days of power Johnny Lad! :D.
    Jaakko Mikkonen for when i had problems with my audio for recording the footage your were there and gave me every solution possible for which i thank you.
    Jonathan 'Jonno' Holmes and Tuomas 'RandomnessInside' Koriala for their great support in doing these for 2013

    On a more personal note, I must mention:
    Mr. David Armstrong (formerly Mr. Simon Adebisi) and Mr. Phillip Puschke for all the support They gave me when I first wanted to do the Highlights for the World Trophy.
    James Peutherer who spent heaps of time getting the footage for the highlights in 2012 and for putting up with my deadlines when they were meeted, but thank you though.
    And finally Mr. Eduard Mallorqui and Mr. David Dominguez, for their top work as WT Race Director in 2012 and 2013, because mainly for all of their help, support, and suggestions for the last 2 years. Cheers Eddie and Dave, you are my Main Lads ;)

    And thanks to everyone who has watched, commented, rammed, bammed and boozled over my videos for the past 2 years

    Cheers Lads and wish you the best for 2014

    for now to everyone Goodnight, Nos Da

    Yours Sincerely
    Ron Squire
    FSR World Trophy Highlights Producer 2012-2013
    a True Welshman

    P.S. Sorry Carlos Martin i accidentally put in Positive Simracing as your team in the Grid screen

    P.P.S i didn't hear the Song for the end credits play again during the R.I.P Screen so sorry for any inconvenience
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  2. Primaguida


    Thanks for your work Ron ;)
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