Final thoughts before S14

David Turnbull

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Sep 17, 2009
Hi guy's,

I'd like to go through a few thing's for the newer member's of Presto, please read the following and agree if you understand or post if you don't and thing's will be clarified.

Build Updates
If a new build is released upto 7 days prior to an event then everyone stays with the current build unless there's a major reason for us to update or untill everyone is notified that server's will be updated, when the time to update come's there will be notification posted in the forum.

Virtual Rides
Please could everyone refrain from using Virtual Rides for the moment, Gijs has found problem's with them and the servers which may have been the cause of our practise race problem's, If it's found for sure that the Virtual Rides aren't causing the problem's then you can go back to using them.

All members must stay upto date with what is happening in our forum, On race night there's not enough time to help with problem's that have been posted numerous time's by ourselves and Gijs who often posts usefull information for us, If all member's can stay upto date with current event's that would be very helpfull to myself and the league.

Racing guidelines
Our guidelines/rules are very similar to real f1, with a few exceptions. Where a real f1 driver’s main objective when fighting for position is to stay/get ahead, ours is that both parties comes out of it without an incident. We are much less skilled and do not have the real world implications to "scare us straight", so we need greater safety focus and margins in general.

In the case of an incident there are no penalties. As avoiding incidents are so utterly important for all our members, the shame of creating one is punishment enough. Our only focus is to analyse the incident down to the smallest detail to learn what went wrong and how to avoid it in the future. This is done openly in the forum (within a few days) after the race and is the responsibility of the involved parties (The use of videos or screenshots are especially helpfull).

Lapping slower cars
Everybody is allowed to solve this as they see fit, as long as it does not cause any problems. However, we recommend that the soon to be lapped car allows the faster car to completely catch up with him, and then wait for the faster car to make a move (and then leave him space). Whatever way you chose to solve this, make sure you apply the same principals to everybody, so you do not end up "favouring" any of the faster drivers to others (100% fair)

We at Presto are fairly strict when it comes to cutting and running wide to gain laptime, we understand the occasional mistake will happen and if it gain's you any time a slight lift is all thats needed to give the time back, Our rule's are 2 wheel's within the white line's at all time's if there are no white lines then the outer edge of the curb is the track limit.

Pit Limiter
The pit limiter is to be used at all times in the pit lane, There are no penalties active but we should all honor a gentleman's agreement to put the limiter on when entering and in the pit lane. Care should also be taken in the pit lane as we aren't invisible like Race07 so collision's can occur.

A members contribution
This is the core of everything, that it is the sum of members contribution that is the league. If you show up for the race and complete it without causing any incidents and not making (a lot of) mistakes you have made a perfect contribution that round. Do it for all ten races and you are a perfect member. PrestoGP is constructed to help members maximise their contribution, but at the end of the day it is the member themselves that decides how good our league can be.
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