FFB Fix / Tweak for Thrustmaster, Logitech, Fanatec etc

Grumpy Man

Original poster
Jul 3, 2017
One thing i have noticed on tarmac is that the SAT forces feel significantly weaker, so you could drive in Australia on gravel and the SAT force feels reletively natural and then onto tarmac and it seems a lot less or almost off thus providing a very odd feeling.

Ive just got to Spain and done some testing and have found i need to increase my in game SAT setting to get a bit more feeling on tarmac...... Again, no idea if this is correct but it feels a bit more natural rather the the odd feeling before.

It sort of feels like the game traverses from gravel to tarmac and it turns down SAT, like the physics or some hidden value changes mid rally while driving.

Again, i have no real idea so can only go by what i feel. Its definately odd though....


Feb 22, 2019
There is nothing that can be done right now for Xbox One X users with a Thrustmaster TX 458 Italia wheel,, correct? Just have to wait to see if Codemasters can patch it?