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[Ferrari GTE] I sure hope they fix the skin issue with this car

Isaac Chavira

Livery Designer
I was excited to skin this car until I found out it has "stamped" decals that you do not have access too. You can't even see them on the Photoshop File. So, you can't work around them. You cannot turn off the position lights and you can change aero kits. Namely the front lip winglets are way to small and the wrong geometry for the car I am making. As some of you I vector all of my decals and livery details. It takes a huge amount of time doing this but is well worth the result. I feel like I wasted my time. (If this were the Blue Prancing Horse car it would be correct).

Please fix this issue S397 if you are watching.

All the yellow arrows and Electrical Safety decals are stamped on and not on the PS template.


The Bentley GT car has a similar thing. I'd say it's part off the licensing agreement with the manufacturer that these things must be there. It want ever get fix as you put it. Just work with it.

Also I've found turning off the position lights is pointless when racing AI. They don't turn off even if your car has it off. Online maybe fine if it's agreed to turn them off before entering a race but as their on by default most wouldn't even care if they were on or off. so again becomes pointless to turn them off.

Isaac Chavira

Livery Designer
The car they have now would would okay with the Le Mans version but not IMSA. I guess I can do the blue Prancing Horse livery. Oh well I was juts upset because I put so much time into what I did and then got surprised at the end.