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Cars Ferrari F1 Concept 2.0 ( Ferrari F1 Concept 1.01.0 2015 version updated by me )

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Denny370 submitted a new resource:

Ferrari F1 Concept 2.0 ( Ferrari F1 Concept 1.01.0 2015 version updated by me ) - My Ferrari Conpcet 1.01.0 update

View attachment 457628 This mod is my radical update of the original version created by Virtua Simulations and published in 2015 by Filippo94 with the last update received in 2015.
I have renamed it "2.0" because it is visually the same car of Virtua Simulations but completely updated to the current version of AssettoCorsa and to the CM functionalities, and revised in some aspects.
Not having found any updated version after 1.01.0 of 2015, I decided to do it because it was a pity...

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The car seems to not shift smoothly on upshifts (The revs spike as I shift up, which is strange). How can I change this?
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L'auto sembra non cambiare marcia in modo fluido con le marce superiori (i giri aumentano mentre cambio la marcia, il che è strano). Come posso cambiarlo?
explain yourself better or send me a video to understand what your problem is.
the more you go up in the gears, the closer the gear ratios are because the engine gains power, so you have to change gear faster, or select a longer final gear


Watch the tachometer and listen to the engine. The revs increase rapidly for a split second before returning to normal when I shift up.
if you have an app to see the turbo, activate it and look at the turbo needle, it could be the turbo that goes up at that rpm.
the mod has 2 turbos which are regulated with 2 ctrl turbo, and work differently from each other based on the gearbox ratio, accelerator and rpm
Mod Edit:
I just ran the test to see if I had the same problem as you and put you the video below. I'm sorry you don't like my work, but you can always use the original version. but as for the engine rpm problem there is, of course you have 8 gears and the gearbox is close.
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It's more apparent if you shift before the redline. The engine sounds like it blips when upshifting before the car settles into gear.
I would like to help you and also understand your problem, because I do not have this problem and no one else besides you told me that he has this problem, so not having this problem I find it difficult to investigate to solve.
The Porsche 911 that has the same problem did you contact the modder?
Did the modder give you explanations if he is aware of the problem you say?


I haven't contacted the modder who got the 911 GT3 R 2019 into AC but I also don't know how to get rid of the rev jumps when upshifting. I've tried the shift times, that didn't work. I tried the clutch settings but the autoclutch was already set to "NONE" on the upshift profile... What could be causing this?


Here's the Porsche with the same problem https://streamable.com/p0s9qm
Watch the shift lights. Most of them turn on for a split second when I shift up, which means the RPMs are rising quickly and then returning to normal as the car settles into the next gear. Kunos cars and high quality mod cars don't do this with semiautomatic gearboxes and no autoclutch upshift profile created.
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Denny370 updated Ferrari F1 Concept 2.0 ( Ferrari F1 Concept 1.01.0 2015 version updated by me ) with a new update entry:

Ferrari F1 Concept 2.0 aggiornata alla v2.2

View attachment 458954 CHANGES V2.2
. now the name of the mod will remain "2.0" as it is a second version and the version number will instead be reported in the kn5 and in a pdf inside the car folder
. The kn5 and LOD files have been renamed with update version
. The values of the drivetrain.ini file have been changed
. The turbo values changed in first and second gear
. steering wheel modification to better suit the driver
. shown on the front display 1
. improved display off 1 and 2...

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i saw the video ... you drive very well.
this car is beautiful to see it racing on the track and it is exciting to drive it, and I got hooked on it while updating and transforming it, I spent several hours every day for 2 weeks, 2 days only the last update 2.2. thanks for the video
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