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  1. Robertinotje


    No matter witch sim race title out there, how important is the quality of the hardware in the whole of it? Is a good wheel, pedal combination to prefer over the quality of graphics? Could a superb rig bring the best out of any sim race game. Is it worth to spend to money on the wheel pedal combi rather then a high end pc?
  2. Beef36


    It depends on what you want from sim racing.

    If you seek the fastest lap times, then basic Logitech / Thrustmaster wheel and pedals is fine.

    If you seek immersion then you want a cool sim rig and associated peripherals. All the whizz bang pedals, wheels, shifters, motion platforms, seat belts, cup holders and other fun stuff doesn't make you faster but it makes sim racing a lot more fun.

    If budget is tight, I'd spend more on your PC and a good monitor, and less on wheels and pedals.
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