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Favorite and Fixed Gal

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by Ian Fleming, Oct 11, 2016.

  1. Ian Fleming

    Ian Fleming

    So im pretty sure i was in a server where the suspension page was fixed and the garage was just as if it where fixed but the rear wing had a toggle...

    Is that possible and how does the whole thing work here?

    I had a little go but the .gal gets wiped and i dont teally know what to put in it...
  2. Erick Goldner

    Erick Goldner

    It's probably the FreeSettings parameter on the .PLR file.

    QUICK FreeSettings="-1" // -1=use SRS/season/GDB default, or add to allow minor changes with fixed/parc ferme setups: 1=steering lock, 2=brake pressure, 4=starting fuel, 8=fuel strategy 16=tire compound, 32=brake bias, 64=front wing, 128=engine settings
    MULTI FreeSettings="-1"