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Fastest Touring Car??

Aug 9, 2009
All cars are designed to drive more or less the same laptimes. It all depends on the driver behind the wheel.

But in top speed the BMW 320i E46 is the fastest in a straight line i think
I was thinking the same thing the other day when I topped I think 246km/h on Monza and as I remember it use to top 241-242km/h with Seat. Both with 2 on rear wing.

Ariff Roose

Ive raced BMW's and SEATS and Honda's at Nords. To me, the BMW feels like a god toward the others. It's fabulous rear wheel drive really maked the cut.:dont-know:

Alex Duru

Jun 15, 2007
To me:
There are 3 types of WTCC, BMWs(RWD), Seats(Short wheel based & FWD) and the others(Long Wheel based & FWD).

The BMWs are the fastest in a straight line and from a standing start and the Seats are the fastest through the corners. The others are somewhere in between.

The fastest cars i have seen are the BMWs E90, but this may be due to the fact that the fastest drivers prefer this car, not to sure.