Fastest Car for LA Canyons Run


Oct 22, 2010
I couldn't resist one more setup, for the fastest street car for Phoenix77's fabulous LA Canyons 'track.' And by 'street' car I mean no mile-high wings, no mile-wide slicks, no ground-scraping skirts and no Channel-size tunnels. The fastest ride I've experienced under these rules was accomplished with a mod so old (I'm guessing close to five years) that its original sfx files produced only silence. The car in question: the Porsche 911 (997) GT2 RS...with sfx I borrowed from the Singer 911. For LA Canyons, you need a car that's agile enough to respond to sudden (read: 'panicked') directional changes, good mid-range torque for those spurts of opportunity, and phenomenal brakes. The one thing I learned: unless you've memorized the whole 42 km. of the 'Normal' (and 'Reverse') routes, only respond to what you can actually see; don't anticipate what's around the next turn...'cuz unless you're prescient, you'll be in a heap of trouble. This setup should be sufficient for one hot lap; remember, to make it official, you'll need two laps (or 40 liters of ethanol-free hi-test).

P.S. This car is not the follow-up to Porsche's initial GT2 (a street-car label, btw; not an FIA designation), also called a GT2 but the later ver packs an extra 80 hp and is not as felicitous as the older GT2 to drive the LA Canyons (the gear splits seem ill-chosen and the car feels less agile). The new GT2's price is $300K and up and doesn't even include the Porsche Design watch that comes as an accessory. The line forms to the right.


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