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Sell Fanatec SRH V2.5 Dashboard UK only


I have a Fanatec V2.5 dashboard from SRH to sell as I no longer need, it's in good working order except 1 of the rocker switch has broken, I never replaced it as there are two others that side.
The left side cluster has a hole where I had an RPM gauge attached but does not affect the operation.
Usually marks from use and I had displays on top with sticky pads I will remove the pads before shipping

  • 8 Momentary Push Buttons plus one HD Start Button
  • 4 on/off toggles with pulse per click
  • 3 on/off toggles with safety covers (2 Red 1 Blue) 1 red not working
  • 3 Rotary Encoders
  • Laser Engraved Roundels (1-16, Brake Bias and +- Boost)
  • F ully Plug n Play
  • Fits all CSW versions V1 V2 and V2.5 Bases
  • Simple 4 bolt fitting (4 Stainless Bolts included)
  • Single USB Connection (USB Lead Included) Please note: This unit is PC compatible ONLY
Being sold with signs of use, with one rocker switch not functioning and a hole on left side cluster from previous RPM attachment.

Still ready to give hours and hours of fun.

Will post some more pictures later. Looking for £175 shipped in the UK or possible trade for something SIM related

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