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Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Brian Clancy, Dec 3, 2010.

  1. Brian Clancy

    Brian Clancy

    This is our new high-end wheel for all platforms: Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.
    We basically combined the advanced electronics of the 911 Turbo S with the wheel rim of the GT3 RS so it also comes with the genuine ALCANTARA leather like the original Porsche car.
    Of course it comes with the big ClubSport paddle shifter made in aluminum.
    The default firmware is 681 so it comes with plenty of adjustability including the latest dampening, spring, linearity and dead zone functions.
    The wheels are already landed in EU and USA and are waiting for customs clearance. We are not sure if we can deliver before Christmas so we put January in the expected delivery date.
    Of course it is fully compatible to the range of acessories we have so you can upgrade it with Carbon shifter paddles or the ClubSport table clamp etc.
    We will offer two versions:

    Porsche 911 GT2 Wheel (PWGT2)

    • 249,95 USD / EUR
    • Wheel only
    • Adapterfor G25 / G27 pedals included
    Porsche 911 GT2 ClubSport edition
    • 499,95 USD / EUR
    • Wheel
    • ClubSport pedals
    • Clubsport shifter paddles carbon
    • Shifter set (6+1 and sequential)
    The wheel is not a limited edition but availability is very limited due to a production bottleneck.
  2. Aaron DeMarre

    Aaron DeMarre

    So its basically a GT3 RS v2 but you add $70 for Xbox compatibility?

    I guess the question is: will Forza 3 be the last thing resembling a sim on Xbox now that the Xbox wheel is discontinued and they are pushing air driving via Kinect. I wonder how the force feedback on Kinect is... :tongue:
  3. Mark Spaeth

    Mark Spaeth

    That's a really good looking wheel. Definitely, the best looking one that they've offered so far.

    In reference to Aaron, I'd imagine the kinect uses "the force" force feedback.
  4. Chris Hendrich

    Chris Hendrich

    well i have the turbo S and used it about 5 times with the xbox. FFB in xbox just sucks, no matter what wheel and forza3 is not really interesting anymore. playing iRacing and GT5 so i got the GT3 RS and am selling my turbo S.
    Maybe forza 4 will be worth the $70, but for now, I don't see it.
  5. Tim Ling

    Tim Ling
    It's a million-to-1 chance, but it just might work Premium

    You could always get people to pull on your arms :p

    I'd love that wheel though
  6. dcdc31



    I'm living in France South West and I'm looking for a wheel FANATEC Porsche 911 Turbo S compatible XBox 360.
    If any of you would like to sell please contact me
    Best regards
  7. Unregistered


    Fanatec GT2 porshe wheel is junk, mine never worked right, Fanatec told me to go pound sand, and after one month the motor burned out, the the steering wheel bearings (plastic) wore out and the wheel slops all around, and now it only free wheels and no longer works, got it 6 weeks ago brand new, now it is in the trash.
  8. Dj's profs

    Dj's profs

    I have to wacht more dan 2mons for dilivery!!! :mad: