Fanatec DD1 powering off on its own

My Fanatec DD1 powers off on its own.

My previous wheel base was a Fanatec CSL Elite. I left it powered on all the time and it would stay on with no problems.

The Fanatec DD1 powers off frequently. If I leave it on overnight, it's always off in the morning. Sometimes during the day even after 30 minutes I look over and it's powered off.

Thankfully it's never occurred when I'm racing. Only when it's idle.

Is this normal behavior? Or is something wrong with my DD1?

It's a minor annoyance to reach behind the wheel base and power it on every time I sit in my rig.
Thank you for any advice you can offer.
I've not left mine on unused ... I know the recent firmware beta had some power button changes. Maybe it's related to that. What firmware are you using?


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Semi-related but I HATE the soft power button on the CSWv2.5.
My old CSR Elite with mechanical on-off switch would power on by itself when I hit the master wall switch to turn on ALL my sim gear, but the CSW needs manually turning on every time. This of course means that I still find myself entering races with a dead wheel because I've forgotten to turn it on.
I feel better now.

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Funny how different we all are. I'm of the opinion that i would be a big proponent of an auto shut-off feature. I don't like leaving my stuff on and curse myself when i see i left my CSW on all night.
I have a message in to Fanatec support about it. I really don't want to have to send it in and be without my hobby for weeks!