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Fanatec CSW V2 - Very Heavy Steering F1 2014 - help please!

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by BJ4DESIGN, May 28, 2015.



    Hi all,

    So I just made the move from Xbox 360 over to a gaming PC and upgraded to a lovely new setup with:
    - Clubsport V2 wheelbase
    - Clubsport Formula rim
    - Clubsport V2 pedals

    The setup works fantastically well in Project Cars on 100% default settings, could not be happier. However, I just installed F1 2014 and I am having some trouble.
    The wheel is recognised in the menus and all functions seem to be responding, however the steering is ridiculously heavy! To the point that it is unplayable and I feel it may do damage to the wheelbase.

    In game I am running the following FFB options:
    Enviornmental - 60%
    Force Feedback - 60%
    Wheel Weight - 20%
    I have tried other in-game setting with no success.
    Within the wheel I am running at all default settings.
    In the Fanatec configuration app the only edits from default I am using are:
    Sensitivity - 400deg
    Dampening - 100% (I have tried reducing this to as low as 20% and still no improvement)

    I downloaded and installed the XML codemasters patch from the downloads section of this forum and no improvement. (From what I read it was more to fix issues of not being recognised in the menus, etc).
    I have the latest version of the Fanatec CSW V2 firmware installed.
    I ran the latest game update for F1 2014 which has a patch for Fanatec CSW V2 in it as well.
    In game I have tried selecting my controller as the "Fanatec CSW V2" as well as trying "Other Device" but no change.

    I tried re-installing the latest version of the base firmware (which resets the base settings) but this also did not improve anything.

    So after much searching I cannot find any information on anybody else having the kind of issue I am having. I would be really stoked if anyone was able to help me.
  2. Blkout


    Try dropping the environmental effects down to 20-30%, also set wheel weight at 0%. Every Codemaster F1 game has this issue with the Fanatec CSW v2 and no-in game setting will make it feel right, the real key here is to adjust your wheel FOR setting to about 70 in the Fanatec wheel tuning menu. You may prefer somewhere between 60-80 but 70 seems to work well with the above in game changes I suggested. I also prefer a SENS of 310 for the F1 games.


    Thank you so much for your advice Blkout. I have been able to get the game to a playable state. It is a bit annoying that every time I re-open the game that all of the controller settings are lost and I have to re-enter them... I guess it is a small price to pay for at least being able to use the game between now and when F1 2015 comes out (which will hopefully mean the wheel will work as intended from the get-go).
    I tried running FOR @ 60 and the SENS at 310, 360 and 400. I preferred to run the SENS at 400 with a bit of steering saturation added in-game as I found the wheel was running on lock a bit too soon for tighter hairpins.
    The wheel is still quite heavy to turn so I will continue to experiment with the FOR settings to get a setup I am happy with. It wants to return to centre very strongly so perhaps I will experiment with the SPR setting too.

    Once again, really appreciate your help!
  4. Blkout


    SPR won't help with the centering force, that's just the way the FFB is in this game. The wheel weight setting in-game will affect it though which is why I recommend setting it at 0. If you still feel like the overall force is too strong, lower it from 60% in game or lower the FOR settings even more in the Fanatec wheel menu.
  5. Brian McManus

    Brian McManus
    Steam: Brian Mac Premium

    Try turning on override controller,
    Set it to steering wheel in the settings
    I would set the drift setting on the wheel to 3 or above.


    Thanks Brian, I will give that a try as well :)


    Ok so override controller and then selecting steering wheel worked to save my wheel presets! - Thank you Brian.

    I have managed to get the game to a nice setting using:
    FOR = 40
    SENS = 400
    Plus In Game:
    Enviro = 70%
    FF = 100%
    Wheel Weight = 10%
    Steering Saturation = 10%
    Brake Saturation = 3%
    Deadzone =1%

    This seems to get me a nice mix of light, responsive turn in paired with some good feedback strength. I saved all of the wheel presets as my second wheel preset on the wheel so I can easily switch back and forth between preferred wheel setting for F1 2014 and Project Cars now.

    Thanks to both of you for your help! A great welcome to someone that is new to the Race Department forums :)

    Cheers, BJ.
  8. wikke1984


    these are mine settings :
    first on the wheel :
    Sen : 360
    FF 100
    sho 100
    abs 070
    lin off
    dea off
    drl off
    for 070
    spr off
    dpr off
    brf 030

    now in game :
    override input set to steering wheel

    in ffb options :
    envirmentel effects : 20%
    ffb strenght 100%
    wheel weight 0%

    Works very good for my V2 base.
    for the other titels need to test and play more...
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