Fanatec CSR elite rotation (DOR) problem with Assetto Corsa only


I am still barely keeping my old Fanatec CSR forza alive. I am saving up for a better wheel. I have a issue where the rotation rate is about 3 times what I am putting in at the wheel. Crazy sensitive. Problem only happens with Assetto. Dirt Rally and GTL work correctly. (Rotation at virtual wheel matches rotation at Physical wheel). I have tried launching AC directly, with content manager, tried about 6 levels of fanatec driver. All to no avail. Searched the internet high and low. DOR is set to 900 on Wheel, in AC and fanatec driver. Tried many combinations thereof. The only "fix" I can do is on the wheel physical settings change the linearity to about 60-80 to slow down the input below 90 degrees. Of course above that rotation still overly sensitive so its not idea. This wheel used to work correctly for AC but after a fanatec driver reinstall (went nutty) the issue arrived. However the problem is isolated to AC so seems like something in AC is stuck. I logged onto the computer as another user and ran AC but problem followed so its something in the AC program directory rather than the user profile settings. Anyone got any clues for me to continue playing AC while I save for a new wheel that AC supports properly?

regards Daron