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Sell Fanatec Clubsport V2.5 wheelbase & V3 pedals

Hi, I am selling my 12 month old fanatec v2.5 wheelbase & v3 pedals with v3 brake performance kit & v3 damper installed, all in excellent condition with very light use. I don't have the original boxes

Based in Stockport, England

I am looking for £370 plus p&p for the v2.5 wheelbase

IMG_4216.jpg IMG_4217.jpg IMG_4218.jpg IMG_4219.jpg

and £310 plus p&p for the pedals with damper & performance kit

IMG_4220.jpg IMG_4221.jpg IMG_4222.jpg IMG_4223.jpg
Hi, yes im now using Heusinkveld ultimates, never had any issues, they are like new.

It looks like i have a buyer for both items though

Will confirm

Ok I should really be getting my new pc but found the pedals very tempting let me know if the sale doesn't go through