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  1. Stan


    Hi Guys

    After an windows reinstall fanaleds didn't work anymore.
    I reinstalled it I installed again Version 2.2f because was running nicely and saved all my cars folders what didn't worked an update later I think to remeber.

    Tried it an few minutes later with the latest update 2.3f the same [​IMG]

    I read the FAQ and the readme! Have that FanaLEDsPlugin.dll in the plugin folder in rfactor
    But it says in the info only:

    Status: Waiting
    Game: rFactor
    Car: none
    Wheel: Clubsport
    Pedals: Clubsport
    Display: none

    Active Profile: rfactor (slightly grey)

    while the game is running.
    What I forgot? also configured the LED's and said an button to switch profiles

    When I start Fanaleds it writes Fanaleds on the display from my wheel.
    What I'm doing wrong or forgot? [​IMG]

    Same problem I have on GSCE!
    Best regards