F1 TOTAL 2011 SP4 4.0

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    F1 TOTAL 2011 SP4 4.0 - Author : Jion Boina and MaxRufus


    This is the only mod for rFactor Formula 1 that meets the FIA regulations, and physics are limited to data provided by different teams, related to the competition during the 2011 season, so the car's behavior is unlike other MOD's ... this is REAL.

    The mod features a control panel (F1 Total Control Panel.exe) for general configuration and installation of plugins.

    As a novelty, rfDynHUD plugin is not installed by default, install it from the Control Panel (F1 Total Control Panel.exe).

    This is a mod designed to lead from the camera of the Cockpit, I encourage you all to try.

    What's new in Version SP4
    - New models of cars in 2011.

    - Rear wing mobile for use in conjunction with the DRS plugin. The instructions use are included in the Control Panel (F1 Total Control Panel.exe).

    - Plugin actual effect of KERS and DRS from F1RFT adapted to F1 TOTAL with the permission of the creator of the plugin.

    - Expanded the physical perimeter of a collision to the wheels of the car.

    - New real damage.ini deformation effects. For proper utilization percentage must be set to 50% damage.

    - New wheels adapted to the current rules of Formula 1 for
    2011, using tires width 245/55R13 front and 325/45R13 rear,
    thus varying the radius of the same 299.9mm front and 311.4mm rear.
    Likewise tires have adapted to the actual data in the 2011 season As parameters of wear, pressure, temperature, grip and performance.

    - New gearbox with 4 final drives, the first thought for urban circuits and the other 3 to adapt to the various circuits of the championship.

    - Fully operational and safety car to be drivable for real commissioners in On Line Leagues. As option in upgrades section, the Safety Car was can install a kit Gran Turismo and a kit Sport GT.

    - New sound more real for the Safety Car

    - Installation of the plugin rfDynHUD included in the Control Panel (F1 Total Control Panel.exe).

    - Installation of the plugin for Logitech G27 steering wheel LEDs included in the Control Panel (F1 Total Control Panel.exe).

    - Menu Selection, menu Traditional or Professional XUI 1.8 included in the Panel Control (F1 Total Control Panel.exe).

    - Installing the Real Feel Plugin included in the Control Panel. It should installed from the Control Panel (F1 Total Control Panel.exe) and then from upgrades of the car in "Steering Wheel"

    - MOD and 100% fully translated in English and Spanish. Three languages are available: F1TOTAL-Spanish, F1TOTAL-English-UK and F1TOTAL-English-USA.

    - Mirrors in the cockpit with four options selectable from
    improvements to the car: Near, Far, Real or Off.

    - New files .ini exclusive for F1 Total in Comments folder
    to silence the engineer without touching the file CommentaryEnglish-USA.ini original.

    - New Showroom with our sponsor advertising MAD-CROC.

    - New brightness and relief for helmets.

    - New metallic gloss less carbon for cars.

    - Purification of textures and general darkening of the air intakes.
  2. Devil_Dog

    I walk the line.

    Tried to install it and got an error when I launched the installer. "Error: This installer does not contain valid data."

    Anyone else get this or have success installing?