F1 Mobile Racing: Update Details Revealed

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Codemasters have revealed what F1 Mobile Racing has in store for players as part of the upcoming new update and future development plans.

A distraction whilst not at the main gaming machine, or your main way to engage in the virtual representation of the top open wheel racing series in the world - F1 Mobile Gaming is certainly a very interesting title and has proven very popular with players since it released to the world nearly eight months ago.

Since that initial release, the game has been in receipt of several updates and enhancements over the following months, with Codemasters confirming another one is on the way soon...

The next step for F1® Mobile Racing begins with Update 6, which is very feedback-focused. Since Update 5 in April, we’ve been hearing the feedback and working on improvements, which will continue in U6, with further boosts in visual and technical quality across the board.

In terms of new content, we’re aligning with the release of our good friend F1 2019 by adding the official car chassis models for every team in this season’s FIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP! Whilst the official F1 regulation chassis (F1-TR19) has been used in Mobile Racing since April, the unique model for each team will be added to their respective cars, free of charge, in Update 6. Of course, no further purchase will be required.

Also, we’re beginning to roll out the addition of haptic feedback for the game! Beginning with selected iOS devices, and coming to Android in the near future, you’ll now feel responses and vibrations from your device at relevant moments, such as when you go over kerbs or make contact with another car. It’s a new layer of immersion for the game and we can’t wait to see what you all think of it.

GP Events and the Season Championship mode is also getting some new content. First off, a race reset option is being added, so that players have the opportunity to restart the Race Series of an event if they are struggling to climb up the leaderboards. On top of that, the mid-season rewards for Season Championship are being added, ready to drop during the summer break in August.

Update 6 is all about further stability and community-driven additions to F1® Mobile Racing, and we’re aiming to launch it by the end of June. Thank you for constantly helping us shape the game, as we begin to write the next chapter of our free-to-play racer.
F1 Mobile Racing is available for free on Android and iOS now.

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Dec 7, 2015
I stopped playing this one. The item that bothered me the most is that every update reset your car to zero. If you didn't have all your car mods memorized, you'd have to rebuild your car from guesswork. When you have a couple dozen options but can only apply a handful of them, it gets very tricky. And very upsetting when the game update takes away all your updates and puts them in a bin for you to pick from.


Sep 27, 2018
They really should start deploying VR support into their future product instead mobile game.
they pretend to be the pioneer of racing game/sim for decade...so wtf?


Jan 19, 2019
They really should start deploying VR support into their future product instead mobile game.
they pretend to be the pioneer of racing game/sim for decade...so wtf?
The problem is that there are billions of smart phones out there and a small number of VR systems out there.

The Diablo folks went down this hole too. Their users were pissed and their stock tanked. However what Diablo did really jumped the shark. At an event filled with their existing users who all use PCs, their big reveal was to say the next big release was for the phone. Needless to say that was not well recieved.

Codemasters is just trying to branch out and hasn't abandoned their base. We may not appreciate it, but it could be a good source of revenue.
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