F1 | Azerbaijan Grand Prix Postponed

Aug 22, 2012
This race should have been cancelled years ago. By June Canada will be safe. but that doesn't mean Trudeau will let it happen.


I know, for I told me so
Feb 14, 2015
@ears I agree the attempts at esports events are good to see but they've really got to get better at hosting the races - especially the official F1 esports race on F1 2019. I see they intend to hold an official esports race for each GP to come so it is on topic for this thread too. Last night, that was a cringe-worthy watch on mainstream TV too with all the technical failures, half-length race and then AI cars driving half the race for some drivers like Lando. There was also some great sarcasm for the commentators and pundits with cars taking lines miles off track and through gravel "lots of grip out there isn't there!"

Lando's own stream (100k watching at some points) was hilarious with his calls to other F1 drivers etc when his game crashed in quail and they forgot to invite him back into the session.

Only my thoughts but I suspect your thread got moved as RD have their own big push towards esports going on, I know nothing for certain, just looks that way to me as there is no coverage of the current event in news articles etc when previously they'd have been all over some of the high profile events.

I remain to be convinced by any of the racing game esports I've seen so far! I guess it depends how much people like to watch other people playing video games (and playing them badly in way too much of the F1 stream last night).
Yep totally agree.

I went into more detail here about what I think needs to happen.

But in simple terms as we all discuss if and when F1 will resume one thing becomes apparent.

We have nothing else. So let's all get behind it and see what it can become.


Apr 21, 2017
From a contractual point of view though it must be a nightmare. Not just for the circuits but also for the teams. The sponsors for example are paying for their products to be featured and that's not happening.
I'm sure it is. They will have to find a middle ground where everyone is willing to give something up and take a hit. There is a big picture that everyone should look at.

And that will count for every aspect of life, not just sports. I have little hopes of that happening however.
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May 16, 2018
There will be no F1 races held this year, people should give up their hopes right now. We should be hoping for a decline in infections maybe in late June, early July which means the quarantines will last till at least September or October, there is no point in organizing less than 10 races.


Feb 18, 2015
Whether things go back to normal this summer or not, it is clear that fear dominates our media and societies. This was not even on people's radar in the EU until Italy began to spike, stocks went up earlier this month. Clearly the largest damage outside of overwhelmed hospitals, is the shutdown. The virus will spread no matter what, all that matters is not overwhelming hospitals. The halt on the economy is going to be like a wet dream when wallstreet is bailed out, and megabanks can buy at a massive discount, I hope your family businesses can survive this. Not to mention China is already back in gear, with low oil prices, and massive stimulus, ready to undercut as much as possible.


Apr 19, 2017
This is the chance we've all been waiting for. Nowhere in sim racing history did we have so many irl drivers. Heck, some mainstream media channels broadcasted an iRacing event.

Studio 397 should make some quick changes according to this topic (link), and Sector 3 should plan their events a little better as well, specially since Raceroom is one of the most polished sims out there.


Aug 29, 2017
LOL, hey guys... I'm in Taiwan... Not that it's relevant to the topic, but today before I go to work, I dropped by a local 7-11 to buy some coffee. They always have a (cable)TV on... Nobody's paying attention to it. Sometimes it's news or some random sports. I just had a look and that F1 Esports stream from Sunday was on air! Yes that's being shown on cable TV too. I honestly thought it's for Youtube only. And if it was on cable TV, never thought I'd see it in a local store, IN ASIA! LOL
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Aug 13, 2011
To be fair I'm not invested in eSports at all. I'd rather watch a classic race than have a charade featuring celebrites (that have nothing to do with the sport) or drivers, whose primary job is being racing drivers and not spending most of their time playing a video game.

Also, with the additional measures in the UK, the race at Silverstone also has huge asterik on it. The same can be said for the French, Austrian and Hungarian GP's which means that the season can in theory start way in late-August and the Belgian Grand Prix.


Oct 11, 2015
Attempting to run a large scale event such as EffWun flies in the face of any rational thinking.
The virus is well and truly expanding on a scale faster than the 'Spanish Flu', any vaccine will need to be tested before release to the public and that could take around 9 months or more. If the COVID-19 virus mutates the cycle could easily start over.
Frankly, on a scale of 1 - 10 in importance, EffWun rates a 1, better to wipe 2020 off the schedule and plan for 2021.
Of course, there are idiots making noise about the Olympics going ahead, the AOC (Australia) still remain adamant that our team will compete. Madness.
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Apr 21, 2017
Of course, there are idiots making noise about the Olympics going ahead, the AOC (Australia) still remain adamant that our team will compete. Madness.
You probably haven't heard but Olympics are pushed to next year. Japan's Premier Abe asked IOC to do that and Bach agreed.