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F1 2019 The Game (Codemasters)

Paul Jeffrey

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F2 cars, F1 cars, street circuits, night racing - the new in-game footage from F1 2019 has plenty of exciting things to show us ahead of release next month.

New for 2019 will be the very first inclusion of the Grand Prix supporting F2 series within the title, and as such fans of the franchise are keen to see how these powerful open wheel machines have been replicated within F1 2019.

Initially featuring the 2018 season, with the 2019 edition to be added to the game as a free update later in the year, the F2 car is an interesting new aspect to the title and looks likely to be quite a different driving experience than is the case with their bigger brothers, the 2019 Formula One cars.

With the top three drivers from F2 last season having moved up to Formula One for this year, it has never been a better time to include this type of content within a Formula One game - hopefully to the benefit of the players who engage with F1 2019 when it releases next month.

As well as the new content, Codemasters also claim the upcoming release benefits from improved graphics over the previous iteration, including improvements to the lighting system and further performance refinements... why don't we take a look at this new footage in action and judge for ourselves...

F1 2019 is set to release June 28th 2019 on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.


More videos can be found on the RaceDepartment YouTube channel HERE.

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Only the still images look sharp, as soon as it moves its a blurfest again.. they never listen or learn.
This Temporal Anti-Alasing methods are killing the games visuals... every game that has this method, has visual problems in term of blurriness and some weird shadowing, F1 , ACC , some of ubisoft games, etc...
at least from what i see , f1 2019 is a little better than f1 2018 in term on anti-aliasing

I guess i'll drive F2 cars mostly , i don't like wide F1 cars , so narrower f2 cars are for me
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better have a blurfest, than flickerfest. I'm quite surprised (and annoyed) that there's no real progress in AntiAliasing since it got real bad in DX11, this thing should've been higher priority than RTX...
Maybe Codemasters should visit a GP weekend some time and listen how an F2 engine really sounds? It certainly does not sound like in the videos above. And where are the typical backfires of these F2 cars?
I noticed the tonemapping too, it looks way too hazy...almost like they are trying to mask something, or maybe it's optimized to pop on mobile devices?

Anyone else notice the tyre wear/deformation visuals? Needs a little work, looks promising though.
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LOL I think they have to work on the heating effect on the tarmac, because as it is, the car looks like floating :D

Geoff Crammond would have something to teach to Codemasters guys...:cool:
If you notice a bit before, there is a T-cam being reflected.
I doubt there were Screen-Space reflections available in the GP4 days.
And they are usually prone to such artifacts, sadly. But on the positive side, they work faster and you won't have tree reflections "floating" through tarmac as if made using planar reflections, when you actually drive, on a track with elevation changes.
I'm not advocating Codies here, not sure how the screen-space reflection system can be tweaked, but minding this is very automated process, such artifacts are inevitable.
I remember the days(F1 2010, 2011, 2012) I used to take the day off work to play F1 on release day....(can't believe I did that) I think their target audience won't be bothered by Tone mapping or any other issues, bring out the joypad and their good to go.
Why the **** I have a feel I might need fire extinguisher next to my gaming laptop?
Why the hell the material has extra fog on them?
As long as there will be no accurate damage in this game, I will say it's not a full game.
While it's sold as full game.
It's a crap.

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