F1 2016 Crashing Issues

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    Need some smart people.
    Well it looks like I have an issue with my Sound Card or sound devices. If anyone else here is having the same problem I would love to here it. According to Codies. I have too many sound devices that are causing the software not to know which one to address so the game crashes on start up.
    Now to put this in perspective they have been very good i trying to sort this out but are unable. I have Dual 1080 GTX cards and am plugged into one with HDMI and the sound is coming from there via the Nvidia sound sound driver, this works just fine for every game i play on my PC. I also have the second Nvidia sound driver associated to the second card which is disabled, also a Creative ZxRi onboard sound card which is disabled and a Logitech 933 headset which is also disabled. Therefore the only active sound device is one Nvidia sound device.
    The only way I can get the game to actually run is to disable every sound device, which as you are all aware makes playing a game difficult with no sound. I have even tried different configuration of sound devices by attaching speakers to the on board Creative card and no Nvidia devices enabled, still no luck. In fact i have changed so many configurations i think I have set a new record for cable and driver changing.
    Like I mentioned this is the only game that does this and i would really like to know if others have come across this and if the smart people on the forums have found a solution as all i what to do is just get the game working after 4 months of no luck.
    Thanks. Would like to see if anyone smarter than me can figure this.

    BTW this was the last correspondence I received form Codemasters:
    Hi again, I can't really offer much more insight in to the problem currently because I don't really understand the issue myself. We use Wwise middleware to play our audio and the problem seems to be when that middleware checks with your OS to find out what audio hardware is available. This could be an issue in the Wwise version that we shipped F1 2016 with or it could be an issue with your PC. That all those other games work suggests it's probably the former though if none of those use Wwise then they wouldn't see the problem anyway.

    Unfortunately to my knowledge you're the only person who has ever seen this issue so I certainly cannot promise a fix in the future but we'll do our best to get to the bottom of the problem.