F1 2016 Crash to Desktop

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    Hey guy's, I'm at a lost... I have a new computer, the Asus G20 with Win 10 and GTX980. Steam is loaded, and all games... work fine (AC, rF2, R3E, etc.). Also, i have the Have the latest Nvidia drivers installed 375.xx. BTW... my monitor is a 34" UHD Curved Dell monitor run runs at a native resolution of 3440x1440

    Anyway, F1 2016 loads, can access any and all menus, controls, video etc. However when I launch the game in any game mode.... say Quick race... I can select a driver, the game loads, and the light sequence works and as soon as the car moves.. Crash. If I jump the start the car moves until all cars move.... then Crash. In career or time trial the game crashes once the car load when sitting in the garage.

    I've removed drivers, reinstalled, clean installs, reset the computer back to original factory settings using the drivers installed by Asus.... everything I could try... and still the same result. I've also tried all different monitor settings... down to straight 1080p settings.

    Thanks if you take time to help... RKip

    I would really appreciate it if someone could offer me some suggestions.