F1 2015 a big let


May 2, 2011
I am so so upset with 2015, I was really expecting something special from Codies, I have been let down yet again, I skipped the 2014 version and concentrated on AC and Pcars when it released (yeah I know they also have faults). I later purchased 2014 for £3.59 just so i could have the full collection like a online interactive encyclopedia although I have never installed it.

Anyway back to 2015 <snip> Im sure it should be renamed to Console Gaming simulator 2015 with added f1 content it sucks eggs .

The UI keeps swapping to be controller between my wheel and then my keyboard so confusing.

Next Gen GFX do me a favour running in Ultra preset and its nothing special , the colours seem washed out its hazey the cockpit view is shoddy, and it just looks a little we dont really give a <snip> to me, the drivers look horrendous and should immediately be replaced with te F1 All starts driver models. Most of the in car wheels look like they are straight from the 2010 toys R us range !!

There are some positives the rain looks awesome the car modeling looks good to me.

The AI are all about the place I have seen flying cars, online sux eggs also with bad netcode and phantom happenings lag out of sync , random ghosting the list goes on lucky for you I dont.

<snip> the deadzone settings for the wheel are useless the forcefeed back on 100% everything is weak and uninformative basically crap.

The car handling in Elite is to stable and easy to handle for a car that i have never driven with super torque etc .

The only thing that gives me a shimmer of hope is that actual Game engine runs smooth and flawless so I'm hoping the modders get busy and once again do codemasters job for them.

2 hours played almost and I've uninstalled it until the fairies fix it during the night.

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