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    Hey people. After my 1st season i decided to do a write up my 2nd season. Im at Williams competing in my second season with the team after a 6th place in the wdc last season. AI - Proffesional 50% Races Long Race weekends.


    Qualifying 1: After a great practice for Virgin and a disasterous practice for ferrari, toro rosso and Force india, the scence was set for an exciting qualifying. I set out early on the primes to try and conserve the tyres, the Ferrari's, Red Bulls, Mercedes, Saubers and the Mclarens also risking the primes. After my first run im in 14th so with 11 minutes remaining myself and Vettel (who is 15th) take to the track for more runs, Vettel opts for options and sets the fastest lap, I throw on my primes and turn my fuel up the rich and make 11th, where I stay. Amazingly, the Virgins both survive the cull and squeeze into q2! The HRT'S , Force Indias, Lotus' and Toro Rosso's Alguersuari are out.

    Qualifying 2: On with the Options for me, with one lap i make it into the next qualifying. Virgin fill up the bottom of the session with Buemi just ahead. The 7 cars to drop out are: The Virgins, Buemi, Schumacher, both Renaults and my teammate Rubens Barrichello.

    Qualifying 3: Everyone heads straight out on options, dropping back i am the last car to start a hotlap on my brand new tyres. Hamilton is fastest after everyone has done a run, I completely bottle my lap and make 7th. Everyone takes to the pits to strap on new options. To conserve rubber for the race, I decide not to and watch the action from the garage. I drop down instantly to last as the grid is decided. Vettel smashes his way to pole , Webbo is second with the Mclarens of Hamilton and Button on the second row respectively. Rosberg is 5th, Alonso 6th, Massa is just behind his team mate in 7th and the Saubers arte 8th and 9th with Perez leading them up and obviously, yours truly last.

    Race: A great start sees me take 5th. The pack shuffles into an order. As Lap 1 ends the positions are as follows: Vettel, Hamilton, Rosberg, Webber, Me, Button. Little happens as the field spreads out. Lap 6 sees Button go bravely up the inside on the penultimate corner, desperate to catch the leading 4 who are 4 seconds up the road. Side by side on the final curve I sneak the DRS and hold 5th place. 8 seconds behind, Alonso leads Massa, Perez, Schumacher, Petrov and D'ambrosio. In the battle for 5th, my tyres are shreaded but i struggle through Laps 7 and 8 and take to the Pitlane, now 8 seconds behind 4th place Webber, Button continues, hoping to leapfrog me. A quick pitstop sees me lap quickly on the subsequent Lap and as I start lap 10, Massa and Button come roaring out of the pits. As I take the first corner Massa spins and, taking evasive action I swing right hard but my rear wing clumps heavily into his front robbing him of his front wing. Perez also gives him a tap as he takes to the grass to avoid him. I leave the scene of the crash behind and set off after Button. Lapped cars get in the way of the Mclaren driver and allow me to sneak past with a splas of KERS as we pass Heikki Kovaleinen. Sadly though lap 17, a lap before my last stop, I put a wheel on the grass and lose the backend, quickly, I turn the car around but Button is gone and 7th place Perez is right on my rear wing and Schumi and Alonso are catching. Taking to the pits and entering the track once again I see that Vettel is miles ahead and D'ambrosio has clambered into 11th and with no more stops left is 0.5 seconds a lap faster than Ferrari's Alonso. Nothing happens to me as Button is 11 Secs up the road and Schumacher, who has passed Perez in the pits is 11 secs behind. On lap 26, 8th place Perez pits again and the pack shuffles up a a place each as he drops to 17th. Then, Rosberg pits and drops behind me to 7th. I am now 5th, Schumi and Rosberg are 6th and 7th, Petrov is 8th and Alonso is 9th which leaves D'ambrosio 10th!!! Then suddenly, on the last lap, the Belgian superhero drags his super Virgin into 8th!!! The race ends with Vettel in the lead. The points positions are as follows: Vettel wins by 14 seconds to Lewis Hamilton and his teammate Webber in 3rd. Button takes 4th and I drsg the Williams to 5th, the Mercedes boys are 6th and 7th, Schumi beating Rosberg. D'ambrosio hauls his super Virgin into 8th, Petrov is 9th and the disastorous start to the season for Ferrari is proved with a 10th place for Fernando Alonso. (Barrichello 16th - splitting the Saubers.)
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    Veselko Lakobrija

    You wouldn´t happen to work as a journalist?
    Awesome job.
    You and i seem to run same settings, did 2 seasons for Williams and i´m half way through 3rd season with McLaren, Lewis as team mate.