F1 2003 mod creator?


Jun 29, 2019
I don't technically play Rfactor but I need to ask those who do a favour. I'm trying to collect as many consecutive F1 seasons as I can, and currently the thorn in my side is 2003. I know there's an old 2003 mod for Rfactor 1, so I'd like to talk to one of its mod creators to ask permission to try converting at least one of the cars, if not the full grid. I'm having no luck on my own, and so far as I know the group of modders (RMT?) doesn't exist any more? I bet the people in it are still around doing things, though, so does anyone know who they were, how to get in touch, or any other way of helping me out? I'd be very thankful for any help I get.
Sorry to disturb you like this