Experiance with molding/pouring handgrips in rubber ?!

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Cloudini5, Jul 30, 2018.

  1. Cloudini5


    Hello RD members,
    i have once started a thread like this way back, however with a new title and slightly more into detail, i want to go deeper into the subject of molding handgrips, i seriously need some tips and tricks and experiances of you guys on this topic,

    ive got an MP4-26 Mclaren steering wheel made by Amalgam, The quality of the rim is totally just for the looks wich is ofcourse the meaning of the product but not for simracing, i do want to be using it for sim racing so im going to make the wheel stronger with more supports,

    for example and thats why i started this topic, the handgrips are made of foam with a layer of paint over it, its not going to last long if im going to use this, what i want to do is make a mold out of the handgrips now, and than take of the foam handgrips of the rim, and fill the mold with something that will harden into a comfortable but durable Rubber, i want to know if people here already have experiance with a rubber material on their custom rims.

    material that i kinda am looking for is the rubber as they use on the T500 F1 ferrari add-on, as a side note.

    and any ideas on materials for making a mold ?

    kind regards Wesley IMG_4367k.jpg IMG_4368k.jpg IMG_4369k.jpg
  2. Matthew Wilkinson

    Matthew Wilkinson

    Wooden mould or Ally, and Polyurethane not Rubber.
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