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ETS2: Going East! Goes Gold and New Video

Bram Hengeveld

RaceDepartment Founder
Bram Hengeveld submitted a new blog post:

ETS2: Going East! Goes Gold and New Video

Good news for trucking fans as Euro Truck Simulator 2's first official add-on, Going East!, has gone gold and will hit the stores on the 2oth of September.

Going East! opens the eastern borders of the ETS2 game world, and extends the base game with a new area roughly the size of the in-game Germany. The add-on will be released as a boxed retail version in stores and as a DLC for platforms such as Steam.

To celebrate the upcoming release SCS Software gave a community member already the chance...
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Modular Mods Creator
*yawn* no offence towards SCS but the content isn't really much. It surely looks nice but well ... I wonder if we'll be able to mod it and include it into custom maps. If not, no bothering to buy it at all.
This game would be so much better if the trucks had a proper tire model and physics. Easy brake distances easy handling. Its just way too easy to drive to be worth my time anymore.
I enjoyed ETS2 for some time, but the lack of variation with junctions etc eventually got boring along with the often stupid Ai.

Also the lifeless Truck Depots and Ferry Ports left it feeling a little sterile :-(.

The Eastern Europe Addon looks very pretty, but you can still see the same type of Motorway slip roads etc :-(.