Error Exporting tracks from BTB to Rfactor

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Fabio79, May 14, 2011.

  1. Fabio79


    Sorry, I have a little question for you. I am italian and I signed up to this site from some weeks. It' s difficult for me to explain my problem (sorry for my english). I have to export a track from BTB to Rfactor. I have already finished to build the track (within buildings or other external objects but this is not important).I have added the terrain on both two sides of the track and I have already defined the path (fastline) of the car (with the control points) as well as i did in the other tracks (that i have succesfully exported). Now, when i click the export button, the BTB shows this message:

    "Can't export: la lunghezza non può essere minore di zero. nome parametro: lenght"

    I translate for you: "Can't export: length parameter can't be < 0. parameter name: lenght".
    I don't understand. What is the problem?

    3 important things:

    1-The Main window of BTB shows that track's lenght is 1.577m (so I think it is impossible that lenght parameter is < 0).

    - During the building of the track I loaded a background image from Google Earth (but after I remove it)-

    - I have resized the track when I finished building the track.

    I don't have the solution for this problem. Can anyone help me?
  2. FlashQld


    Check your track length again. If it was 1.577m it seems smaller than a car length.
  3. FerrariMan96


    BTB shows the length in metres, rather than kilometres, and in some societies they use periods rather than commas to separate every third digit.

    In other words, I think Fabio means "1,577m" or "1577m" :)

    As for your question Fabio, I've never seen that one before. Maybe, though, could you tell us exactly what you did to resize the track?

    P.S. In future, you should post BTB questions in the BTB Forum
  4. William Elgh

    William Elgh

    i know this problem, i have had it a few times before, i get it when i use an background image try to remove that and it will work just fine :)
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