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What racing gear do you use while sim racing?

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Entire track appears darker

First off I don't use Content manager or any shader apps. I will say I have so many tracks now, I haven't barely even driven on some of them, and now I'm starting to now I have a little extra time.
I'm noticing something strange, on the regular tracks included with Assetto Corsa, all seems fine, however on a lot of the user made tracks they seem to load OK but when they open up for a fraction of a second there lighter and then go darker instantly.
The old Spa is a great example, it always seems as if your running almost early in the morning or at dusk, even though I have the time set for around 10 AM.
Is there something I can do to lighten these tracks up somehow ?
I've seen the many shader applications and additions, and I was wondering If maybe the tracks were made to take advantage of the shader mods. This is great unless you don't happen to be using them, and just using Assetto Corsa out of the box so to speak would have the tracks appear this .


Are you using the SOL system, or any PP filter? Sometimes they can mess track shaders pretty good.

And you brought up "Old Spa", if this is the rF2 rip, im not surprised its giving you issues. Any of the other user made tracks give you issues? Say Watkins Glen or Donington? Fat-Alfie tracks?
Why not try content manager? I use the lite (free) version with Sol ,and the old Spa66 mod track is a fav of mine with the GPL 67 cars.
I use the 0.8 version of that track as the newer ones seem to have AI issues ,and in its original form it is a bit dark (it never bothered me though!),but with sol and the shader patch it is much brighter.....you can get what lighting you want by adjusting the time and weather as you know.
A big advantage of CM is a much faster load time of the game,even without any other mods CM is well worth it as it offers a lot of extras .
Give it a try m8 you have nothing to lose, if you dont like it uninstall it.
The only down side is a bit of fps hit with a older system...but as I said you can try it for nothing..Sol and a lot of goodies still work with the free version.
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